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The Suppliers Certification – ABVTEX has the purpose of enabling the retail market to qualify and monitor its suppliers regarding good practices of social responsibility and labor relations.

The ABVTEX program has two main strands:

Textile Chain Certification and Monitoring:

The Suppliers Certification – ABVTEX foresees the realization of independent audits for the monitoring of practices, compromises and management aspects connected to the following topics: child labor; hard labor or analogous to slavery; irregular foreign labor; freedom of association; discrimination; abuse and harassment; health and work safety; monitoring and documentation; compensation; worked hours; benefits; productive chain monitoring; and environment.


The strand purpose of the Training is to develop and support suppliers and theirs subcontractors in order to have them suited to the Suppliers Certification – ABVTEX.

The Program starts with an important process for the textile chain structure.  The initiative will mean the opening of new and good business opportunities for those who is qualified, ensuring that the major part of the chain acts with better work conditions, respect to legislations and other aspects connected to the social responsibility.

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